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Remember Me

Remember me, not for whom I’ve become or where I've gone but for who I am and was. The person you grew to love the person you used to seek for strength and guidance, the person you depended on. I may be gone but I am not really gone. The love we shared could never be taken away from us and so the old saying, "till death do us part", is rather untruthful. For energy is neither created nor destroyed it is merely transferred from one form to another.

Remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed but always transferred and with that thought remember that love is an emotion, a feeling and it takes energy to be able to feel and create emotions in our brains, This energy will soon manifest into all of the beautiful memories we created throughout our lives together.

Remember these beautiful moments and when all seems lost remember that energy is never destroyed. Our love is energy and energy can only be transferred. I may be gone but my love will always be within your heart. So, in an ironic way I am right here with you even though you cannot see me, feel me, or touch me, I am here with you and will never leave your side.

Remember my love for you as energy within you. Remember me when you feel happy from a distant memory of us, remember me when you reminisce and get goosebumps, when you feel like someone is behind you and no one is there, Don’t get scared it is only my love for you still with you. My energy will always be a part of you and yours with mine. Intertwined together until the end of time spiraling together for all eternity into a realm full of bliss.

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