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A Whopper & Fries

There's beauty in the struggle. Yeah that's right I said it. You just have to know how to see it. For example, the wife that comes to see her ill husband every morning for breakfast, the son who tucks his mother in every night, and the caregiver that goes out of their way to make their patients feel loved. Many think the worst when they hear about assisted living homes or nursing homes, but I don't, I see these families bonding and think that it's beautiful.

It's a beautiful experience witnessing unconditional love. A love that has no boundaries, a love that can make the worst day feel like the best day. As a caregiver and volunteer I have witnessed and have had the honour of being apart of many unforgettable experiences. Experiences that will forever be dear to me.

One moment sticks out to me in particular, a gentleman that I had the honour of hanging out with for a day while volunteering at Hospice of The Valley. He was very ill. While we were talking he had mentioned that he probably didn't have much time left on this earth. I did the best I could to comfort him, but there's nothing you can really say to someone who is terminally ill that can make them feel better. So I thought I would change the subject. I asked him about his childhood and what were some of his fondest memories. One thing I remember him telling me was about how he and his father were the best of friends, and how every Sunday they used to enjoy a whopper at Burger King and enjoy some quality time. I got a little smile out of him after that.

He sighed and said, "those were some the greatest memories I have of my father, and not to mention the way a burger is supposed to taste". His mouth watered as he remembered how a whopper tasted. I have to admit I began to get hungry as well. I got the notion that my new friend hadn't had a whopper in a good while. I remember him describing how lovely it was enjoying his burger while having fun with his father. I thought to myself this man needs a whopper ASAP, lol. I stepped out for a minute and called my dad and asked him if he could bring me a large #1 from Burger King. He agreed.

When I walked through the door my friend smiled with so much joy that his eyes began to water as he thanked me. It was beautiful to see all the emotions running through his eyes. He was happy to have been able to relive his childhood memories once again. Although his father wasn't there to join him, he told me that he was glad he had me there with him.

Moments like this are why I love doing what I do, caring for those in need to be exact. To be able to connect with a complete stranger is truly something special. I was sad to have heard the news of his passing. I was excited and hoping that he would be there for my next shift. I will never forget the moment we shared and every time I pass by a Burger King I always envision a father and son enjoying a whopper and fries.

(I do not own the rights to this photo)

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